No! We Don’t Have An Education Problem

The numbers are staggering and they’re even higher than what’s been revealed.

In case you missed it, the Connecticut Department of Education reported on Friday that 1,967 students ages six and under were suspended from Connecticut schools last year.  The state admitted that number is actually higher, but some numbers cannot be released because of confidentiality.   Don’t ask me why.

Not surprisingly,  most of the suspensions came from inner city schools with the majority of the students either black or Hispanic.

Officials, naturally, expressed dismay over this issue, although the story received very little play in the mainstream media.

The answer, of course, will be to throw more money at education, even though our school population is dropping and those apparently eligible for school are not attending classes.  Remember, this astronomical figure is just for students ages 6 and under.

Maybe we ought to start examining the fundamental breakdown of the family and the values that go with its make up.  2,000 suspensions is unacceptable, but my thinking is we won’t have any hearings on this issue, anytime soon.  We can expect, however, that taxpayers will be askedschool teacher to fork over more money “for the children.”

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