Target Could Turn Fiasco Into Victory With Leadership

The story that the credit and debit card information of people shopping at Target nationwide was breached is bad enough for the USA’s second-largest retail outlet.  The big lesson, however, will be how Target handles this fiasco.

Between Nov. 27 and Dec. 15, the information on those who used their cards at Target was stolen. Forty million cards were breached. Target store It could not come at a worse time, the Christmas shopping season.

Unfortunately, security breaches are a part of our cyberspace.  Target is not the first business to have been hit by cybercrime.  It will not be the last.  However, its customers have been shaken.

I would imagine Target headquarters have been abuzz for days, as big-wigs discuss how to handle this disaster, which is a public relations nightmare, among other things.  But this is also a great opportunity for its leaders.  If Target can devise a plan that turns this nightmare into a happy ending, it could serve as a blueprint for those slammed by the cyber criminals down the road.

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