Bobby Darin Died 40 Years Ago. Things You May Not Know About Bobby

Forty years ago, on Dec. 20, 1973, we lost one of the great singers, Bobby Darin.  He died at the Bobby Darinyoung age of 37, while undergoing heart surgery in Los Angeles.   Some things you may not know about Bobby Darin:

  • He was born Walden Robert Cassotto in the Bronx, NY
  • He started as a songwriter for Connie Francis
  • His first million-seller recording was Splish Splash
  • He wrote Dream Lover
  • He was opposed to releasing Mack The Knife as a 45.
  • Mack The Knife rose to number one on the charts for nine weeks and sold 2 million copies
  • He was in ill health for most of his life, including a weak heart.
  • In his later years he had to be given oxygen after his performances
  • Before a dental visit, he failed to take antibiotics, which led to heart complications and the subsequent fatal heart surgery
  • He became politically active in Robert F. Kennedy’s 1968 presidential campaign and was with RFK the night he was assassinated in 1968
  • He remained a top draw in Las Vegas until his death
  • He was an expert chess player and had arranged to sponsor a grandmaster tournament with the largest prize fund in history, right before his death
  • He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990.  Paul Anka gave the induction speech

Bobby Darin was one of the great singers.  He could do rock-and-roll, croon, perform country and much more.  A rare talent, indeed, imagine how much more Darin could have contributed had he lived a full life.

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