Cablevision, WFSB Dispute A Bunch Of Garbage

This Cablevision, WFSB contractual dispute is a bunch of garbage.  In fact, one of my main goals is to cut the cable television cord in 2014.

Cablevision, WFSB In Dispute

Cablevision had planned to drop WFSB-TV 3 on January 1st, because of a contract dispute between both entities.  Under a contractual arrangement, a cable system must pay so much to the channel it carries. Natuarally the cost is passed on to subscribers.

WFSB’s contract with Cablevision expired with the arrival of the New Year.

Well lo-and-behold, WFSB decides it is going to extend the deadline two days, writing on its website, “Cablevision’s contract to carry WFSB on its cable system has been extended to January 3 at 6:30 p.m. due to the upcoming winter storm that is going to hit the northeast Thursday into Friday to make sure all Connecticut residents are receiving vital weather updates and information.”

What A Bunch Of Garbage

What a bunch of garbage.  The only reason WFSB and Cablevision have been “gracious” enough to extend the deadline is because snowstorms and weather forecasts drive a station’s ratings.  The TV options for the viewers are many.  We could easily switch to NBC 30, Newschannel 8 or Fox61 to get the weather.  That is WFSB’s biggest fear, not to ‘make sure all Connecticut residents are receiving vital weather updates and information.’  Repeat:  Connecticut residents can get that information elsewhere.

Contract Dispute

You ever notice how these contract disputes always seem to arise at the start of the NFL playoffs?  WFSB and Cablevision hope that the NFL fans will each take their side.  The usual explanation from each side is that it is only “pennies on the dollar,”  yada, yada, yada. Meanwhile the cable viewer is getting screwed, as always.

Don’t Believe Either Side

The bottom line is, don’t believe either side’s explanation.  It is all about the money.  Cablevision is drowning in it and WFSB is not about to go to the poor house anytime soon. It is all about gouging the cable viewing public even more.  That is why my goal is to cut the cable TV cord in 2014.

New Media

There is a new media emerging that will someday snap the cable television industry and the Channel 3’s of the world back to reality. They know it and they fear it, because it will force them to someday have the viewing public’s interest at heart.  Until then, expect these annual antics, and lies from both sides as to why they are ending their relationship.

Meanwhile the public can send a message now by switching to a satellite dish or Cable TV cordbuying the more sophisticated antennas that will allow you to get an over-the-air TV channel and end those monthly TV bills once and for all.

That will be my goal in 2014.

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