Any day the Courant should be supporting Fox Connecticut’s effort to unionize. Right?

I Hartford Courantam expecting any day that the Hartford Courant will take an editorial stance supporting the unionization of 53 employees at WTIC-TV 61 or Fox Connecticut. Both the newspaper and the television station are owned by the Tribune Company.

Wait! You haven’t heard?

On February 18, news and sports anchors, on-air reporters and photographers at Fox-CT will vote to decide whether to join the National Association of Broadcast Employees & Technicians-Communications Workers of America. The vote will take place in the famous brick building on Broad Street, under the same roof as the Courant, where Fox houses its studios.

Surely you are aware of this story? Although a search on the Courant website did not turn up any reporting about this – maybe I missed it – I am sure it is a matter of time before readers are informed of the pending vote.

Even though the Tribune Company has split into separate companies for publishing and media, I am guessing it is a given the newspaper will support their brothers and sisters across the hall. The Courant’s editorial board almost always supports Democrats come election time and Democrats are big union supporters. As an example, the newspaper endorsed the reelection of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who did everything but cartwheels – maybe he did those too – to gain union support, especially government union support, in his bid for a second term. It is only natural then that the Courant will come out soon endorsing Fox-CT’s bid to go union.

Jessica Bellucci, director of communications for Tribune Broadcasting, declined to comment on the union vote, telling one newspaper it is “an internal matter.” But that would not stop the Hartford Courant from reporting and/or taking a supportive editorial stance on the issue would it? Company policy would never interfere with the editorial side of the newspaper. The nation’s “oldest continuous publication” prides itself on its integrity.

So I am expecting soon, real soon, the Courant – which supports union causes – will be out in force waving the flag for Fox-CT. Any day now. Right?

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