Why not legalize prostitution in Connecticut too?

marijuanaYou knew it was only a matter of time before the push would start in the Connecticut General Assembly to legalize marijuana for “recreational use.” And two bills have been introduced this session, if passed and signed into law, would do just that.

House Deputy Majority Leader Juan Candelaria is one of the sponsors of HB 6703. He claims legalizing pot would produce state tax income and would drive those currently using pot away from illegal activity.

Then you have Rep. Edwin Vargas, D-Hartford who has introduced HB 6473. He is quoted in the Hartford Courant as saying legalizing pot “could go a long way to help our economy.”

I would ask both Rep. Candelaria and Rep. Vargas why stop at marijuana? Why not legalize prostitution? It would drive people currently engaged in such behavior away from illegal activity by making “the world’s oldest profession” legal. Heck, Nevada has legalized it. And think about it? Making prostitution legal “could go a long way to help our economy.”

In fact, Rep. Vargas being from Hartford could promote a block in the city of whore houses and marijuana dens. Talk about a downtown revitalization program.

And if we can pry the door open a little bit by legalizing marijuana and prostitution, then down the road making other illegal drugs legal, such as cocaine and heroin, could also prove a tremendous economic revitalization program.

For years, governors and mayors in Connecticut have been attempting to find the golden nugget that would jump start their decaying inner cities. Who knew the answer was right under their noses?

A stupid idea, you say, legalizing prostitution? Who would have thought we would be having this conversation about marijuana today? While a state flounders in mediocrity, rather than discuss systemic changes to bring about a real economic turnaround, our lawmakers are consumed with legalizing marijuana. Legalizing prostitution may not be as far fetched as some think.

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