Recovery favored those with college education

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Help WantedThe U.S.A.’s economic recovery from the 2008 recession overwhelmingly favored those with at least some college education.  That is according to a report entitled ‘America’s Divided Recovery,’ by the Center On Education and the Workforce at Georgetown University.   Among the key findings:

  • 3.8 million jobs went to those with a Graduate’s degree
  • 4.6 million jobs went to those with a Bachelor’s degree
  • 3.1 million jobs went to those with an Associate’s degree
  • 80,000 jobs went to those with a high school diploma or less
  • 57 percent of all wages earned went to Bachelor’s degree holders
  • Among industries, consulting and business services added the largest number of jobs at 2.5 million
  • The largest number of jobs in any occupation went to management at 1.6 million
  • Coming in second in occupations were healthcare, professional and technical with 1.5 million jobs added
  • For the first time in U.S. history, college degree holders comprise the largest share of the workforce

According to the report, low-skilled blue collar and clerical jobs took a major hit in the recession’s aftermath, with managerial and professional jobs the major winners.

The stark numbers may be a major reason driving the 2016 presidential campaign, as economic angst remains in what appears to be an uneven recovery.

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