Media coverage of RNC: Day 1


USA flagThere is no question that the mainstream media does not want Donald Trump elected as the next President of the United States.   Therefore, during both the Republican and Democrat National Conventions, I am going to post daily the headlines on the major mainstream media websites, dealing with convention. Websites such as Fox News, Drudge, MSNBC and Huffington Post will be left out, as it is well known their political leanings.  But the mainstream media attempts to disguise itself as reporting objectively.  After reading these headlines, you can be the judge.


  • G.O.P Off to Fiery Start at Convention
  • Party Stresses Unity Amid Floor Fight
  • In Trump’s Voice, It’s a New New Nixon
  • Takeaways: Message Is Clear, Doom Is Near
  • Ms. Trump in ’16 Sounded Like Mrs. Obama in ’08
  • The Most Extreme G.O.P Platform in Memory
  • Cleveland’s Odd Opening
  • Can Republicans Rock Cleveland?


  • Scrutiny of Melania Trump’s speech follows plagiarism allegations
  • The astounding carelessness of Donald Trump finally catches up with him
  • Trump campaign chair says charges being overstated
  • An affair, two divorces, three marriages – when a messy private life no longer matters
  • The GOP convention’s despicable first night
  • Republicans offer an apocalyptic vision of America
  • Melania Trump apparently ripped off Michelle Obama.  Here’s what’s really awful about this


  • Hillary Clinton opens up about email controversy
  • Commentary: The GOP convention gets off to a real weird start
  • Campaign chief defends Melania Trump’s convention speech
  • Why Trump still doesn’t have full support of young voters


  • Trump Campaign Chairman Denies Melania Trump Plagiarism
  • Lawmaker Clarifies Remarks About Superiority of ‘White People’
  • Ivanka Trump Calls Her Father, Donald, ‘the Messenger of the People.’
  • For Trump’s Convention: Quiet Parties and Sluggish Fundraising


  • Did Melania Trump’s Speech Plagiarize Michelle Obama?
  • Past Political Plagiarism Scandals Revisited
  • GOP Convention Opens With a Bang, and a Problem
  • Conservatives Canvas Ohio but Ignore Trump
  • First Read: Day One Debacle for Team Trump
  • Melania Trump Wrote ‘With as Little Help as Possible’

So that is the first day’s coverage of the main stream media.  You decide if it is “fair and balanced” or just an echo chamber.

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