Media coverage of RNC: Day 2

Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr.
Donald Trump Jr./You Tube Grab

Day two of the Republican National Convention is in the books, as we continue to focus on the mainstream media’s coverage.  Once again, here are the headlines from five mainstream media news sources:

New York Times

  • Trump Claims Nomination With G.O.P. Discord Clear
  • Day 2: Muddled Messages
  • How Melania Trump Sent Her Speech Veering Off Course
  • Takeaways: Party Unites, at Least for a Night
  • How Trump Picked His Running Mate
  • Convention Speeches Unsettle Black Republicans
  • All About Hillary
  • Paul Ryan’s Dance With The Donald
  • An Affront to Latinos

Washington Post

  • As Trump captures GOP nomination, discord and divisions remain
  • McConnell and Ryan reach a reluctant partnership
  • A Hispanic delegate doesn’t see the party she’s rooting for
  • ‘I am not a racist’: The challenges Trump faces to win over black voters
  • The Trump convention is a triumph of narcissism
  • Another day of the GOP convention, another night of terror
  • Paul Ryan and the politics of ambivalence
  • At the GOP convention, democratic values go missing
  • The lovely true thing about America, even in the age of Trump
  • Voters are still waiting on your tax returns, Mr. Trump

CBS News

  • Chris Christie puts Clinton on trial at GOP convention
  • Trump Jr. on family’s role in campaign, decision to tap Pence
  • Trump kids get personal about him at GOP convention
  • Unaired “60 Minutes” clips with Trump and Pence
  • Eye Opener: Trump makes it official
  • Photos: Best moments at the RNC

NBC News

  • GOP Pummels Clinton as Party Zeroes In on Common Enemy
  • Never Trump Meets Its End In Cleveland
  • New Details Emerge About Writing of Melania Trump’s Speech
  • Forget 2016.  The 2020 Election Just Kicked Off
  • Trump Son’s Speechwriter Defends Recycling Lines
  • Poll: Trump’s VP Pick Mike Pence Unknown to Most Voters
  • Video: RNC Election Confessions: Why I Will (or Won’t) Vote Trump

ABC News

  • ANALYSIS: Trump Convention in Search of Unity – and Energy
  • Republican National Convention Day Two in a Minute
  • 5 Things to Watch on the Third Day of the RNC
  • Views on Experience a Potential Challenge for Trump
  • Donald Trump Jr. Says Benghazi Would ‘Be Repeated’ With Clinton Presidency

You me the judge as to whether the mainstream media is giving news consumers “fair and balanced” coverage.


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