Media coverage of RNC: Day 3

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz/You Tube grab

Here are the latest headlines on the mainstream news websites, covering the Republican Party Convention.

New York Times

  • Cruz Snubs Trump, Dashing Hope of Unity
  • Takeaways: Cheers for Pence, Jeers for Cruz
  • Trump May Break the Mold, but He Fits a Pattern
  • Trump Questions Automatic Defense of NATO States
  • G.O.P.’s Moneyed Class Finds Place in Trump’s New World
  • Behind a Facade of Unity, G.O.P.’s Frayed Edges Exposed
  • The G.O.P.’s Surreal Diversity Show
  • Ted Cruz’s Nasty Game
  • When Men Want to Marry Melanias and Raise Ivankas

Washington Post

  • Attempt for unity falls short as Cruz upstages Pence
  • A mighty challenge awaits Trump on convention’s final day
  • Cruz knew his comments could cause a scene – and they did
  • Handling of plagiarism episode offers glimpse into Trump’s circle
  • Ted Cruz holds his nose but can’t endorse Donald Trump
  • Ted Cruz distinguished himself Wednesday night. ┬áMike Pence failed
  • The GOP’s convention of chaos
  • Will Texas become another brick in the Democrats’ blue wall?
  • Republicans debate: Kill Hillary, or merely jail her
  • Christie’s noxious lie about Clinton and #BringBackOurGirls

CBS News

  • Ted Cruz booed off the GOP convention stage
  • Eric Trump trashes “classless” Cruz speech
  • Eye Opener: Ted Cruz snubs GOP unity
  • Commentary: Cruz is never going to be president now
  • Donald Trump weighs in on plagiarism in Melania’s speech
  • Mike Pence introduces himself to GOP, nation in convention speech

NBC News

  • Ted Cruz Reopens Party Wounds on Raucous Convention Night
  • Trump Adviser Probed for Clinton Execution Comments
  • Is Trump Trying to Silence ‘Art of the Deal’ Ghostwriter?
  • Trump’s NATO Rethink ‘Would Endanger the Whole Alliance’
  • Invanka Trump: ‘I Am Proud of the Job’ Melania Did in RNC Speech
  • Meet Meredith McIver, Trump Speechwriter Who Took Blame

ABC News

  • Cruz Booed off RNC Stage After Failing to Endorse Trump
  • ANALYSIS: Trump Convention Struggles to Control Forces Unleashed by Trump
  • Pence Introduces Himself as a ‘Christian, a Conservative and a Republican’
  • Trump Blasts Cruz for ‘Not Honoring the Pledge’ at Convention
  • Trump to Address Trade, Borders and Law and Order at RNC Tonight

You be the judge if the mainstream media’s coverage of this campaign and next week’s Democratic Party Convention is “fair and balanced.”

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