Media coverage of RNC: Day 4

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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How is the mainstream media covering the RNC.  Below are the headlines from five mainstream media websites.

New York Times

  • Trump Pledges Order And Says: ‘I Am Your Voice’
  • Dark Warnings for America as He Takes G.O.P. Mantle
  • Donald Trump’s Campaign of Fear
  • Trump With Less Trumpeting
  • A Vision for the U.S. Summed Up in Two Words: ‘I Alone’
  • Speech’s Sunny Spots Came Mostly From Stage Limits
  • Checking the Facts
  • Jon Stewart, Back on ‘Late Show,’ Lets Loose
  • Invanka the Fabulous Fabulist
  • The Dark Night
  • Cruz May Be the Only Republican Who Understands Trump
  • Invanka Trump is Character Witness for Her Father

Washington Post

  • Trump portrays a nation in peril
  • Nominee declares that he along has the leadership to secure the homeland
  • Trump reaches out to fed-up voters and sends a warning to doubters
  • The entertaining and jarring chaos of a Trump convention
  • A dark speech, and the times he strayed from his draft
  • We feared a riot in Cleveland.  We got a block party instead
  • Donald Trump, the candidate of the apocalypse
  • Trump’s acceptance speech: Seeking victory by scaring the country to death
  • Donald Trump’s creepy fascist infomercial
  • Trump’s America is a dark and desperate place
  • In his acceptance speech, Trump displays his demagoguery

CBS News

  • Trump offers dark vision of American in speech
  • GOP nominee declares nation’s problems too staggering to be fixed within the confines of traditional politics
  • Checking Trump: Does Clinton want to abolish Second Amendment rights?
  • Trump’s college plan needs to go back to school
  • Invanka Trump talks about her father’s human side
  • Peter Thiel: “I am proud to be gay”
  • Google’s top trending search term from convention’s last night
  • How Invanka Trump and her husband are impacting race
  • Schieffer: Trump campaign made “calculated decision” to allow Cruz speech

NBC News

  • Trump Paints Dark Picture of America Plagued by Lawlessness
  • Trump Speech Channels Nixon, Not Reagan
  • Pavarotti Widow Tells Trump to Stop Using Famous Aria
  • LGBTQ Community Gets Unprecedented Recognition at RNC
  • RIP GOP: Establishment Politicos Host ‘Wake’ for Republican Party

ABC News

  • Analysis: Trump Takes Role as Angry Savior for Nation’s ‘Disaster’
  • Fact-Checking Donald Trump’s Speech and Other RNC Speakers
  • Trump Tells RNC ‘Safety Will Be Restored’ When He’s Sworn In
  • Clinton Slams Trump’s RNC Speech: ‘We Can’t Let Him Become President
  • Ivanka Trump Introduces Her Father at RNC as ‘the People’s Champion’
  • 5 Ways the Clinton Camp Responded to the RNC
  • Trading Up: What a Paper Clip Will Get You at the RNC
  • George Harrison’s Estate Blasts Use of ‘Here Comes the Sun’ at RNC

Next week we will cover the headlines from the DNC in Philadelphia.  You be the judge if the mainstream media is “fair and balanced.”

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