Media coverage of DNC: Day 1

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama/You Tube grab

As I did last week for the Republican National Convention, here are the headlines from the mainstream media websites of the Democrat National Convention.  Below are the headlines from Day 1.

New York Times

  • Democrats Try to Unite During Unruly Opening to Convention
  • Sanders Supporters Throw Convention Into Disarray
  • Day 1 Takeaways: First Lady Steals the Show
  • Sanders Faces Task of Putting Down the Revolt He Started
  • Michelle Obama Uplifts Her Predecessor (and Ex-Rival)
  • Hillary Clinton’s New Democrats
  • How Offstage Intrigue Became Onstage Catharsis
  • Michelle’s Night
  • ‘What Democrats Fight For’
  • Sarah Silverman Tames the Bernie Beast
  • To Democrats, Hack Hints Trump Has New Backer: Putin

Washington Post

  • Democrats’ opening day of discord ends on a high note
  • Obama delviers a passionate defense of Hillary Clinton
  • The Fix: Obama’s skillful takedown of Trump
  • What’s on the first lady’s mind? Meet the speechwriter who puts it into words
  • A day of humiliation for party chair underscores Democratic divide
  • Neither Warren nor Sanders pulled a Ted Cruz
  • On first night, Democrats put out more wattage than Republicans
  • After a hack and its destructive fallout, Democrats fear what is next
  • Clinton leaves Democrats’ liberal wing high and dry
  • If Hillary Clinton were a man
  • Democrats were told their party was divided.  They just proved that wrong
  • Calming the troubled waters at the Democratic convention
  • Forget Bernie Sanders.  Michelle Obama stole the show.
  • Putin’s suspected meddling would be a disturbing first

CBS News

  • Sanders: I’ll do “everything” I can for Clinton
  • Bill Clinton faces “high wire act” as he makes case for his wife
  • The Democratic Ticket: Clinton and Kaine
  • Eye Opener: Democrats seek to unite in Philly
  • Kerry discusses DNC email hack with Russia’s top diplomat
  • Michelle Obama invokes America’s children in attack on Trump

NBC News

  • Democrats Pull Back From Brink on First Night of Convention
  • Russia Offers ‘Four-Letter’ Response to DNC Hack Claim
  • Why Experts Are Sure Russia Hacked the DNC Emails
  • Michelle Obama Fires Up DNC With rousing Speech
  • Poll: No Post-Convention Bounce for Donald Trump
  • Trump Revels in DNC Disunity: ‘What a Mess They Have’
  • Sarah Silverman to Sanders Die-hards: ‘You’re Being Ridiculous’

ABC News

  • Analysis: Democrats’ ‘Revolution’ Flirts With Insurrection
  • Michelle Obama’s Speech at the Democratic National Convention
  • ‘Incredible Speech by an Incredible Woman’: Obama’s Tweet Goes Viral
  • Sanders Backs Clinton Despite ‘Disappointment’ From Supporters
  • Elizabeth Warren Takes on the Ethics of Trump’s Business Record
  • DNC Hack Prompts Questions About Trump’s Ties to Russia

We will provide headlines from the rest of the week’s convention activities and you can compare the mainstream media’s coverage of last week’s RNC with this week’s DNC and decide if their coverage is “fair and balanced.”

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