Media coverage of DNC: Day 2

Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
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Here are the latest headlines from the mainstream media’s websites on its coverage of the 2016 DNC:

New York Times

  • Democrats Make Clinton Historic Nominee
  • Treat to Legacy Gives Obama Motive to Stump for Clinton
  • Day 2 Takeaways: It’s ’90s Night
  • The Convention’s Star Lets Others Speak for Her
  • Democrats Aggrieved by Trump
  • U.S. Consensus Grows That Russia Hacked the D.N.C.
  • This is What Democracy Looks Like
  • Pouring on the Estrogen
  • Hillary Clinton’s Radical Promise
  • Why Should a Party Leader Be Above Politics?

Washington Post

  • Clinton captures historic nomination
  • President Obama set to tout her qualifications
  • Back in the spotlight, but before a different party
  • After DNC leaks, Obama hints at possible motive for Russia to help Trump
  • Sanders plans for a possible power move in Senate
  • Fact Checker: Bill Clinton’s proposal to Hillary
  • Why the DNC turned to Donna Brazile in time of need
  • Bill Clinton gives the most important speech of his life
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton’s incomprehensible marriage
  • A Trump-style speculation on the GOP and Putin
  • What was missing in Bill’s speech about Hillary

CBS News

  • Bill Clinton makes the case for Hillary
  • Obama counting on Clinton to build on his legacy
  • Eye Opener: Hillary Clinton makes history
  • Donald Trump: “I have nothing to do with Russia”

NBC News

  • Obama Admits Donald Trump Could Be Next President
  • Clinton Love Story: Bill Tells America How He Fell for Hillary
  • Democrats Make History, Pick the ‘Real’ Hillary Clinton
  • Donald Trump to Visit His Rowdy Reddit Fan club
  • Sanders Delegates Stage Walkout Under Everyone’s Nose
  • Bernie Sanders Gets Emotional as Brother Casts Vote
  • Here Are All Donald Trump’s Flip-Flops on Big Issues

ABC News

  • Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Satellite Appearance at DNC
  • In Leaked Recordings, DNC Shown Controlling Donor Access
  • Joe Biden: ‘Moral Sanders Supporters ‘Can’t Vote for Trump’
  • Democratic National Convention 2016: Fact-Checking the Speakers

Throughout the RNC and DNC, we are listing the headlines of coverage from websites of the mainstream media. ¬†You be the judge if the coverage is “fair and balanced.”

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