Media coverage of DNC: Day 3

Barack Obama
President Obama
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Here are the headlines from the mainstream news websites on the coverage of day three of the DNC:

New York Times

  • Obama Hails Clinton as His Political Heir
  • President Labels Trump a Threat to American Values
  • Deep-Pocketed Clinton Donors Return to the Fore
  • Clinton’s Convention Is for TV.  Trump’s Is for Twitter
  • A Chance for Future Democratic Stars to Emerge
  • Obama: Nobody ‘More Qualified’ Than Clinton
  • Biden: Trump has ‘No Clue’
  • The Long March
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Now, Everybody Wears the Pants in the Family
  • Obama Asks a Divided Nation to Heal Itself
  • Democrats’ Divisions Linger, but Parties Have Seen Worse
  • Trump Calls for Russia’s Help to Expose Emails Clinton Deleted
  • Trump’s Appeal to Russia Shocks Experts

Washington Post

  • Obama endorses Clinton: ‘She will finish the job’
  • Trump again proves he’s the chaos candidate
  • The Fix: The many problems with Trump’s comments
  • Fact Checker: Trump’s claim that ‘I have nothing to do with Russia’
  • Trump invites Russia to meddle in U.S. presidential race with Clinton’s emails
  • Not following in the footsteps of Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan.  Obama forgoes valedictory-type speech
  • A Trump takedown only Joe Biden could deliver
  • Russian scheme to put Trump in White House?   Some are skeptical
  • Post reporter, barred, patted down at rally for Trump’s running mate
  • Obama’s promise we can believe in
  • At the Democratic convention, women seize their moment
  • Clinton has now made Democrats the anti-Russia party
  • Donald Trump takes us all for a ride again
  • Trump gets a well-deserved beat-down from Michael Bloomberg
  • Obama’s speech made the best case for Clinton

CBS News

  • Obama aluds Clinton in speech full of hope, optimism
  • Kaine accepts VP nod, rips Trump as untrustworthy
  • Clinton campaign head: Comments prove Trump “unfit” for White House
  • Eye Opener: Obama and Dems take down Trump
  • Leon Panetta slams Trump for Russia comments
  • Congressman calls on Obama to block intel briefings from Donald Trump
  • Trump: I hope Russia finds Hillary Clinton’s emails

NBC News

  • Obama Hits Trump, Passes the Baton of Hope to Clinton
  • Bloomberg on Trump: I know a Con When I see One
  • WikiLeaks Posts Alleged Democratic Voicemails
  • Angry Biden Hits Out a Trump’s ‘Unbounded Cynicism’
  • ‘Deeply Troubling’: Intel Experts Blast Trump Russia Comments
  • Kaine Steps Into Spotlight and Into Ring Against Trump
  • Trans Activist Sarah McBride to Make History at DNC
  • SNL’s ‘Weekend Update’ Roasts Democratic Convention

ABC News

  • ANALYSIS: Hope Is Handed Off, as Obama Makes Way for Hillary Clinton
  • Trump Says He Hopes Russia Finds Clinton’s Deleted Emails
  • Tim Kaine: Donald Trump Is a ‘Threat’ to Progressives
  • Democratic National Convention 2016: Fact-Checking the Speakers
  • Hecklers Lash Out at DNC Speakers

You be the judge, whether the mainstream media is giving you “fair and balanced” coverage.

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