Mainstream media has its marching orders

Marching drums

Marching bandThe mainstream media has its marching orders.  Do everything to stop Donald Trump from being elected president.  Wrong at every turn since Trump announced his candidacy in June of 2015 (“He will never get the nomination.”),

the media now views this as us against him, especially since Trump is not shy about calling them out.

The onslaught began months ago, but now it is full bore as Trump leads Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in some polls.  So while Clinton continues to get high negative ratings, her servers get hacked and Wall St. donates big to her campaign, the media focus will be TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!

The approach will be to convince disenchanted Republicans and unaffiliated voters to cast their ballots for Hillary.   That was the angle to the July 30 New York Times story, headlined “Clinton’s Portrayal of Trump as Dictator Aims at the Left and Right.”  The Times, whose slanted coverage of the campaign was in full view in its covering of the major party conventions the last two weeks, writes:”In effect, Mrs. Clinton and Democratic Party leaders signaled that they would seek to fight the general election, to some extent, in nonpartisan terms…”

Look for “news” stories to be nothing more than opinion pieces.  Commentary will be displayed prominently and again designed to woo Republican and unaffiliated voters.  Evidence the July 30 edition of the Washington Post, with its headline story,

“The GOP is becoming the party of exclusion.  Who wants to be a part of that.”

Democrats fear a low voter turnout on their side.  Even if turnout is high, however, they know Republicans and unaffiliateds must come over to their side to give Clinton a chance at victory.  So as the leaning-left mainstream media may come off as an echo chamber, their goal is to attract other voters to Clinton.

To be sure, there are legitimate criticisms of Trump, as there are for any candidate.  Just don’t look to the New York Times, Washington Post and other Democratic Party house organs to report on those criticisms, when it comes to Clinton.  The goal will be to distort and nitpick everything Trump says, honest reporting by the media be damned.   After all, there’s an election to be won and the media has made this personal.

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