Most media ignore deadliest July in 10 years

Photo credit: You Tube

It was the deadliest July in ten years, but unless it has to do with the Chicago Cubs, don’t expect most of the mainstream media to report about Chicago. It doesn’t fit their template.  It reflects badly on the President of the United States, whose adopted hometown is Chicago.  It reflects badly on the mayor of Chicago, who once served as the president’s chief of staff.   And it certainly doesn’t reflect well on the status quo, which the media has a stake in.  It is why they chose to write negative stories daily, about Donald Trump.  To be sure, the Republican Party presidential nominee doesn’t help his own cause by verbally shooting himself in the foot, but that does not absolve the media for failing to report on this story, instead choosing to play up Trump on a daily basis.

So, in case you missed it.  As the calendar flipped from July to August, Chicago just experienced its deadliest July in 10 years.  Sixty-five homicides were recorded in Chicago in July, the latest victim, a woman leaving choir practice, who was fatally shot by her estranged husband.  In all, there have been nearly 400 homicides this year in the Windy City, 90 shy of last year’s 2015 total.  And there is still five months to go.

The July numbers elicited no comment from the President of the United States, as he continues to campaign for a third term through his surrogate, Hillary Clinton.  Outside of the Chicago media and the Wall St. Journal, not much mention in the mainstream media.  To report the story would reflect negatively on the current regime.  The media’s target is Trump, all Trump all the time.  Negative stories that cast the current regime in a bad light must be ignored.

These days in Chicago, other than a Cubs victory, the only thing that passes for good news is how the police superintendent framed the July homicide numbers.  Eddie Johnson noted the 65 homicides were lower than the 72 committed in June.

We mourn for Newtown.  We mourn for Orlando.  We mourn for Dallas.  As well we should.   We should also mourn for Chicago. Sadly, the media has chosen to pick and choose its tragedies to fit a template rather than report the news.

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