Markley: Governor Will Be Mr. Unpopular

State Senator Joe Markley of Southington, R-16th District, is pulling no punches about Governor Dannel P. Malloy’s move to allow 4,000 day care providers to unionize.  The Governor has signed two executive orders, enabling the providers, who work for non-profits, that receive state subsidies, to join a union.  More importantly, these new union workers will be forced to pay monthly dues on average of $21.80, providing an annual windfall of over $1M plus for union leadership, just in time for next year’s big elections.

Sen. Joe Markley

Sen. Markley is furious about the move on numerous fronts, especially since state lawmakers rejected union leadership’s request to move forward on this issue by not submitting SB 1106 to a vote in last spring’s session.  Sen. Markley believes the governor has usurped power from the legislature and that the action could be “unconstitutional.”

“He thinks he’s the Mayor of Connecticut.  It’s a power grab by the Governor.  He wants it all in his hands,” Sen. Markley said on my radio show.

Sen. Markley believes the public is paying attention.  “I think in three years, he is going to be the most unpopular man in Connecticut, if he isn’t already.  He may be like (Gov. Lowell) Weicker and realize he can’t even run for another term in office, but by then, look at the damage he will have done.

“In a perverse way, I have to give him credit.  I can’t believe how much he’s messed up, just in the time he’s been in already.   Amazing.”

Just this week, alone, Dannel 88, who manages to be in the news everyday, visited New Jersey to be the keynote speaker at a Democrat party fundraiser,  has signed those two controversial executive orders, chaired a DemocratGovernor’s Association fundraiser in New York, where lobbyists paid $25,000 a pop to rub elbows with him, and managed to get the state bond commission to provide his office with $20M, to dole out to municipalities as he sees fit, without itemizing the projects earmarked for each municipality.

Meanwhile, Sikorsky announced 419 layoffs at its Stratford plant and the governor’s own budget director said the state is running a deficit, two months into the new fiscal year, after residents were hit with the largest tax hike in state history.

“There isn’t going to be anymore (economic) growth because of our policies,” said Sen. Markley.  “We (governor and Democrats) passed the biggest taxincrease in state history just to make sure we don’t have anymore economic growth and eventually the people are going to be very upset with what government is doing to them.”

The discontent may already be taking shape.

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