Does It Have Instant Replay?

While Governor Dannel P. Malloy continues to dole out millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money – debt-riddled Connecticut does not have – in order to bolster his distorted “First Five Initiative” program, the state bond commission, which he chairs, is poised to spend $800,000 on a new electronic voting board for the state House of Representatives.   (The commission meets on the last Friday of the month, always a dangerous occasion for taxpayers.)

What’s wrong with the old one?  As I see it, the names of the house members are posted on a wall panel, with an electronic “Yea” or “Nay” bulb located next to their name.  Press one button for “Yea” or the other for “Nay.”

At a time when people don’t know how they are going to pay their next bill, the bond commission, with Dannel 88’s approval, is going to spend 800G’s on a new voting board?  800G’s?  Does this thing come with instant replay and the NFL scores?

This crowd’s hubris knows no bounds.  If anything, it’s not the voting board’s plug that should be pulled.  Shame on them, if they approve this total waste of taxpayers’ money.




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