Breakfast With Dannel Pricey Affair

Governor Dannel “Don’t call me Dan” P. Malloy is a busy man, these days.  If he isn’t off to the Big Apple to speak at some Bloomberg-sponsored affair, he’s winging to Beverly Hills for a Christmas, excuse me, “holiday” gathering of the Democratic Governors Association.  The  event, replete with lobbyists, will be held next week at the renown Beverly Wilshire Hotel.  Then it’s back to the Nutmeg State in preparation for a, gulp, $1,000 per plate breakfast.

Advertised by state Democratic Party head Nancy DiNardo with the following invite, “Join me for breakfast with Governor Malloy,” the $1G per plate break-FEAST will benefit the Democrat State Central Committee.  Presumably, gourmet home fries will be on the menu.

Wonder if the Occupy Hartford crowd, with their tent city not far away, will be fed the scraps.  Better yet, will Jon Green, head of the Working Families Party, which cross-endorsed then gubernatorial candidate Dan Malloy, be in attendance, or will he lead an Occupy Hartford protest outside The Society Room on Pratt St., where the fundraiser will held?

The invite touts “A look back at a great year for Democrats…” who, led by Malloy, foisted the largest tax increase in history on the residents of Connecticut, imposed a boondoggle $600M busway project, and became the first state in the nation to pass paid sick leave, considered a major anti-business piece of legislation.  The invite also looks “forward to an even better 2012.” One could only imagine how much better it could get for the Democrats.  They dominate both houses of the General Assembly, control the administrative branch, occupy all the constitutional offices and own every seat in Congress.  It’s a grip on power only a socialist could love.  Pass the crepe suzettes.

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