Roraback: “Malloy Disrespected My Constituents”


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Senator Andrew Roraback R-Goshen, says Gov. Dannel P. Malloy- D disrespected him and his constituents, in comments he made to reporters at his news conference, following Friday’s contentious state Bond Commission meeting.  When reporters asked the governor to comment on why Rep. Sean Williams R-Watertown, voted against funding “First Five Initiative” projects, after he supported the concept in the state legislature, the governor responded, “He was sitting next to the other guy (Roraback).   Senator Roraback told me  Gov. Malloy’s  “other guy” reference was disrespectable, especially toward someone, who has served in the state legislature for 18 years.   The senator said the governor was “being disrespectful of the office I hold.  When he disrespects me,  he disrespects my constituents.”

At the commission meeting, the governor verbally took Roraback to task for what he viewed were contradictory votes, opposing a project to replace a roof on a historical society in East Hampton, while supporting a project for repairs at a state building in Torrington, which happens to fall within Sen. Roraback’s district.  That’s when the governor zeroed in on Sen. Roraback’s back-to-back votes.  When I asked Sen. Roraback whether it was unusual for a governor, who chairs the commission, to publically question a commission member’s vote, the senator said, “It’s the first time, I have seen this.”   The senator then explained to the governor why his votes were not contradictory and why the East Hampton project should have gone through a grant application, while the Torrington project was state request.  “I think he was frustrated I had revealed he gets to pick which legislators he wants to reward by funding their pet projects.”

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