McKinney: Gov. Malloy uninformed


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State Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney R-Fairfield claims Governor Dannel P. Malloy D-WFP  is uninformed about the Christmas time U.S. Department of Justice ruling, which seems to sanction Internet gambling.  Sen. McKinney said the DOJ ruling was in response, specifically to New York and Illinois, two states which wanted to know, if they could conduct on line lotteries, because they have lotteries within their states.  Furthermore, the Senator said today, “A  2006 federal law prohibits banks from allowing on line internet gambling.

“I don’t think the governor has either read or understands federal law or what the Department of Justice opinion really means,” Sen. McKinney said.

Internet gambling this session?

Asked if the Internet gambling issue will be brought up in the upcoming legislative session, Sen. McKinney added, “Yes, unless the governor thinks he can do everything by executive order.”   Gov. Malloy has wrankled the Republican Party,  with recent executive orders that allow massive expansion of the state’s public employee unions.

Malloy wants revenue

Sen. McKinney said he believes Gov. Malloy wants more revenue to underwrite his budget.  “Even before the DOJ ruling, the governor had said he wanted a more aggressive lottery, that means a lottery where the state gets a bigger take.”

But Sen. McKinney added, even though the governor believes Internet gambling is a foregone conclusion, he does not see it as “inevitable,” and that because of the Interstate Fair Gambling Act, the state could opt out of any on line games, even if other states are doing it.


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