Paid Sick Leave For 48 Employees?


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Connecticut’s first-in-the-nation paid sick leave bill may actually be more onerous to businesses than first thought.  The law could effect firms with 48 or more employees and not 50 or more, as the plan was initially sold to the public.   So says State Senate Minority Leader John McKinney R-Fairfield.  The law supported by unions such as SEIU and The Working Families Party, was a payoff by Governor Dannel Malloy D-WFP to the unions, in return for their support, during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign.   Under the plan, pushed by Gov. Malloy and the Democrats, businesses with 50 or more employees are forced to pay workers, who are sick and cannot report to work.  But Sen. McKinney told me, in an interview, that number may actually be 48 or more employees, the way the State Department of Labor is interpreting the mandate. 

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