Malloy’s New Math

When is a spending increase not a spending increase?  When the Governor of Connecticut says so.  Gov. Dannel Malloy D-WFP has chosen to make education spending…er…reform, the centerpiece of his second year in office.   So when he delivered his budget address Wednesday, he called for a $329M dollar increase for the second year of his two-year budget.  $128 M would be earmarked for education, a catagory where the state spends billions annually.  That means the state’s $20.4 B two-year budget would grow to $20.7B, except in the world of Gov. Malloy.  His budget chief, Benjamin Barnes, says the governor’s plan cuts $120M in spending.   Hmmm!  The budget increases by more than $300M and the governor’s people are labeling this a $120M spending cut.

Then, there is the convenient “little” budget gimmick being proposed by the governor, as he moves to replenish the in hock state pension fund, namely exempting pension expenditures in the budget from the constitutionally mandated spending cap.  But why let the will of the people get in the way of liberal spending policies.

It seems to me, the one who needs a little “educatin'” is the governor.  The one, who campaigned on the promise of a transparent budget process, could use a math course, because much like his first budget, his revised plan just doesn’t add up.

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