Expect Excuses To Fly

As gasoline prices continue to skyrocket in Connecticut and across the country, stalling any perceived “economic recovery,” expect the state’s tax-it-all Democrats to tap dance around the latest effort to stem the price spike.  For months now, Sen. Len Suzio, R-Meriden,  has been driving the effort to cap the state’s gross receipts tax.  That’s the tax placed on oil, coming into New Haven Harbor and passed along to motorists, along with the states gas tax, that helps give Connecticut some of the highest taxed gasoline in the nation.  Because the GRT is a percentage levy, the higher the price a barrel of oil, the more money for the state’s struggling coffers.  In other words, the Malloy administration needs the price of oil to go higher, so it can balance its budget.

Sen. Suzio has led a petition drive to cap the tax, when the wholesale price of gasoline reaches $3 per gallon.  He says he has 1,000 signatures.  But already, the same lame excuses against the Senator’s idea are being used, namely, “There’s no guarantee the savings will be passed along to consumers, if we cap the tax,” as Sen. Paul Doyle D-Newington, stated recently.  Translation, the Malloy budget – following the largest tax increase in state history – is drowning in red ink, and the state needs the windfall at the pumps to pull the fat out of the fire.

Don’t think the budget is in trouble?  Think again.  The Wall St. Journal’s website is reporting, when the state bonded $700M for various projects in November, it included $65M for the governor to balance his budget.  So much for bringing transparency to the budget process, as candidate Dan Malloy promised in 2010.   Whether it’s exempting pensions from the spending cap calculation, borrowing money to balance the general fund, or signing executive orders, this governor is doing his best to violate the will of the people and its constitution.

Meanwhile, Sen. Suzio persists in his effort to stop the double tax on gasoline in Connecticut.  He is so determined, he’s wants to debate his proposal in full public view on the floor of the legislature.  Sadly, with the tax-and-spend Democrats in charge, his plan will never witness the light of day.

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