The Artist Scores

We watched “The Artist” this weekend, the movie that’s up for several Oscar nominations.   Great acting.  Great screenplay.  The movie could apply to today and the technological changes we are undergoing.  Then it was the silent films transitioning to the talkies.  Today it’s the tablet computers and smart phones with their abilities to access the Internet, which is bringing about major transitions in radio and television.  Five years down the road, if not sooner, we may not recognize the latter two media.

Historical errors

Not being picky but there were two historical errors in the movie.   During the period when actress Peppy Miller is on the road to stardom, she poses as a baseball player with Yankee Stadium as a backdrop.  The time period is 1932.  In the picture, Yankee Stadium has lights, which was not correct.  Lights were not installed in the stadium, until 1946.   Also, when Peppy visits George Valentin in the hospital, there is a picture of President Calvin Coolidge above the nurse’s desk.  Again, this is 1932, and Herbert Hoover was the president in that year.

A Grand Slam

Despite these inaccuracies, the movie was a grand slam and is deserving of any awards it receives at the Oscars.

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