It must be an election year

Nothing like $4 per gallon gasoline in an election year to get tax and spend Democrats to stand up and take notice. For years, when Republicans have called for a cap on the gross receipts tax levied on oil, entering New Haven harbor the
Majority party has balked. The usual excuse was the revenue was needed for infrastructure improvements.

For months now, Sen. Len Suzio, R-Meriden has called for a cap on the tax, which is a percentage tax. That means the higher the price of oil the more money for the state, a windfall, if you will, something that’s verboten to the Democrats if it occurs in the private sector. In fact, the tax is slated for a hike on July 1, meaning more money for the state and even higher gas prices for motorists, as oil companies pass the tax along to customers.

Every time Sen. Suzio pushes his petition drive, calling for the cap, some Democrat would pull out the infrastructure argument, even though most of the money went into the general fund. Apparently the heat is on, because the Democrats are now calling for the cap. It would only be for a year – after all there’s an election to be won – and there’s uncertainty about Gov. Malloy’s budget. But a one year moratorium, to snag that vote, why not?

Indeed, perhaps there is transparency in government, because you can certainly see through Democrats motives over this latest proposal.

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