Connecticut will have healthcare

Four days ago, I wrote and said on video that if the U.S. Supreme Court throws out the federally mandated health insurance portion of Obamacare, it would open the door for the states, including Connecticut to adopt their own state mandated health insurance platform and that no court could stop it.  Well, it didn’t take long.

On Thursday, Jeannette DeJesus, special adviser on health reform to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy D/WFP,  said if the court strikes down the mandate, Connecticut could implement its own requirement that each resident must have health insurance.  Malloy was not as forthright, saying he didn’t have any plans on the table for a state mandate nor did he know if such a mandate was constitutional.

First, I’m glad to hear Dannel 88 is paying attention to the constitution these days, something he hasn’t done in the home care union fiasco.  Second, if the court tosses out the federal mandate, you can be certain the governor will explore every way possible to bring about the state mandate.  With healthcare so costly, the issue will not go away, even if the justices deem the mandate unconstitutional.

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