Countdown to end of Connecticut General Assembly

Mark Twain once said no time is more dangerous than when the General Assembly is in session.  He should know.  He lived in Hartford for many years.

That said, the Connecticut General Assembly is careening toward a May 9th adjournment, and it cannot come soon enough.  This is supposed to be the “short” session of the legislature, when the elected body considers only budgetary issues.  What a joke.  From outlawing the death penalty to trying to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes – a violation of federal law, by the way – to Sunday liquor sales, to installation of cameras at intersections, the legislature is doing everything, expect focusing on budgetary issues.  Meanwhile, the state continues to drown in red ink and the governor may need to call a special session – at a cost of $10,000 per day in taxpayers’ money – to deal with the budget.

As a pubic service, therefore, we offering a countdown clock to the end of the session, located on the right of this website.  Refer to it often.  It’s the only solace to a legislature that has gone wild.


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