State deficit balloons; Malloy busy

As Connecticut’s state budget deficit balloons, following the largest tax hike in state history, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy D/WFP, is apparently busy.  But is he spending much time on the deficit or more time making sure his highly taxpayer-paid associates are putting a positive spin on his failed budget, while he’s off politicking?  As news of the ever sinking budget abounds – to the point even Malloy cannot avoid the travesty – the governor continues to be the ultimate multitask-er.   Monday night, he was off to New York City, to meet with the President of the Republic of Ireland.  Today, he is endorsing Rep. Chris Murphy’s bid for the Democratic Party U.S. Senate nomination.  Our Dannel 88 is certainly busy.  Maybe he’ll get around to the budget, some day.

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