Obama wrong to exploit bin Laden capture

You get the idea, if President Barack Obama had his way, Osama bin Laden would have been captured on Oct. 15, 2012.  How else to explain how the President has exploited bin Laden’s capture on the one year anniversary that Navy Seals caught and murdered the mastermind of 911?

Obama had every right to herald bin Laden’s capture and share in the glory.  Even a mention of it in the campaign would be acceptable.  An incumbent does have that advantage, after all.  But to use the capture in campaign ads, claim Mitt Romney – his likely opponent in the November election – would not have gone after bin Laden, crosses the line of incumbency, something this president is doing more and more.  The internal poll numbers must be worse than we know.

But Obama continued the onslaught Tuesday,  going to Afghanistan for a photo op, which was really more celebration of the one year anniversary of bin Laden’s capture.  If anything, the Afghanistan visit shines a light on the administration’s failure.  How else to explain, 11 years after President George W. Bush put us there, that the leader of the free world needs to fly into a country in the dead of night,  keeping the story from the media, until his arrival?  If that’s progress, then they’ve changed the word’s definition.

The economy may yet turnaround.  Gasoline prices may fall.  Obama Care may be embraced by the public.  But until that happens, expect more exploitation, distortions and fabrications from an administration, whose leader is acting anything but Presidential.

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