Newtown Massacre Being Used As Excuse For Taking Away Freedoms

The massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown last December, continues to provide government with the perfect vehicle for taking away more freedoms.  First it was gun control, as the Connecticut General Assembly passed legislation making an already tough state gun control law even stricter.  Now it’s the public’s right-to-know. The Hartford Courant […]

No! We Don’t Have An Education Problem

The numbers are staggering and they’re even higher than what’s been revealed. In case you missed it, the Connecticut Department of Education reported on Friday that 1,967 students ages six and under were suspended from Connecticut schools last year.  The state admitted that number is actually higher, but some numbers cannot be released because of […]

CEO Survey Pans Connecticut-PODCAST

DLCEO On this PODCAST, I talk about a survey conducted by CEO magazine, that ranks Connecticut sixth from the bottom as a state in which to conduct business.  The numbers are grim, as CEOs state Connecticut is overtaxed and over-regulated.