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Newtown Massacre Being Used As Excuse For Taking Away Freedoms

The massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown last December, continues to provide government with the perfect vehicle for taking away more freedoms.  First it was gun control, as the Connecticut General Assembly passed legislation making an already tough state gun control law even stricter.  Now it’s the public’s right-to-know.

The Hartford Courant is reporting the administration of Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, along with the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office and General Assembly leaders, are working in secret on a bill that would withhold many of the records from the Newtown massacre from the public.  The bill has not had the proper vetting process.  There have been no public hearings, no committee talks, no nothing.  Everything has been done in secret.   There is even concern the bill might extend to the withholding of records from other major crimes committed in the state.

The administration and General Assembly leaders are playing off the fact most of the public is so absorbed in its own little world that they can get away with usurping these freedoms.  Sadly, they may be correct.

Unless the public awakens to the machinations of this administration and General Assembly, they may wake upGov. Malloy someday, to witness all of their freedoms taken away.

No! We Don’t Have An Education Problem

The numbers are staggering and they’re even higher than what’s been revealed.

In case you missed it, the Connecticut Department of Education reported on Friday that 1,967 students ages six and under were suspended from Connecticut schools last year.  The state admitted that number is actually higher, but some numbers cannot be released because of confidentiality.   Don’t ask me why.

Not surprisingly,  most of the suspensions came from inner city schools with the majority of the students either black or Hispanic.

Officials, naturally, expressed dismay over this issue, although the story received very little play in the mainstream media.

The answer, of course, will be to throw more money at education, even though our school population is dropping and those apparently eligible for school are not attending classes.  Remember, this astronomical figure is just for students ages 6 and under.

Maybe we ought to start examining the fundamental breakdown of the family and the values that go with its make up.  2,000 suspensions is unacceptable, but my thinking is we won’t have any hearings on this issue, anytime soon.  We can expect, however, that taxpayers will be askedschool teacher to fork over more money “for the children.”

Bridgeport Makes Top 10, But Hartford Gets The Busway

You have to love the USA Today story about the Top 10 worst traffic areas in the United States.  Bridgeport comes in at number 6, while Hartford is nowhere to be found.  Yet, who got the taxpayer funded busway?  You guessed it, Hartford.

The project, which could cost taxpayers $1 billion, when all is said and done, plus create another government bureaucracy, was pitched to the gullible public as a way to relieve traffic congestion in greater Hartford.  The reality was, it was a payoff to unions to give them work, plus a gift to Hartford and New Britain.

Connecticut needs major infrastructure improvements.  Think what $1 billion would have done to bring about such change?  Instead, it was wasted on a busway project the majority of the public does not want.

When the busway project is completed, however, we will be told what a success it is.  Government never advertises its failures, instead masking them as successes,

Busway groundbreaking

Busway groundbreaking

with maybe some tweeking required.  Of course, taxpayers are left holding the bag.   The Hartford-to-New Britain busway project is just the latest fiasco.  More are sure to follow.  Meanwhile, Bridgeport makes the Top 10 in real traffic congestion, but why let bumper-to-bumper traffic get in the way of another government handout.