Toast! No. 81 in Federal Allegations Places ‘Public Official Number 1’ in the Spotlight

Mark Greenberg, one of the GOP candidates for the 5th District congressional seat in Connecticut is correct.  Christopher Donovan needs to resign from the race now and step down as CT Speaker of the House.   Before, it was Donovan’s campaign finance manager, Robert Braddock Jr. who was arrested.  Now, seven more have been arrested, including his former campaign manager, Joshua Nassi and union official Ray Soucy, who actually cut a deal with the feds and pleaded guilty.  And Donovan maintains he is innocent?  Says he had no knowledge all of this illicit campaign fund raising that was taking place in return for him influencing roll your own tobacco-related legislation as CT Speaker of the House?

I believe, where there is smoke, there is fire.  Don’t think so.  Read…No. 81 in the list of General Allegations entered by the federal investigatiors against those arrested…

“During the evening of May 16, 2012, Soucy met NASSI at a restaurant in Southington, Connecticut.  At that meeting, NASSI provided Soucy with the check that BRADDOCK and Soucy had agreed should be returned because it was written in a RYO smoke shop owner’s name.  In exchange, Soucy provided NASSI with another $2,500 check in the name of a different conduit contributor, who was not affiliated with the RYO smoke shops but rather, was another employee of MONTEIRO’s construction company.  NASSI said, “I definitely appreciate it, man.”  Soucy responded, “Hey, he did what he said he was gonna do.  Gonna kill the bill, he killed the bill.  You know?”  Soucy and NASSI then discussed the fact that other legislators had attached meaningless amendments to the RYO Legislation after learning of Public Official Number 1’s opposition.  Soucy said, “So, [Public Official Number 1] put out the word, ‘dead?”  NASSI responded,  “Yea.  Yes he did.”

Public Official Number 1 is believed to be Christopher Donovan.  He needs to leave the race and resign as CT Speaker of the House.  Now!

Read indictment list by clicking here…

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AFL-CIO Endorses Candidate, Whose Campaign Is Under Federal Investigation

The Connecticut AFL-CIO has endorsed the candidacy of Christopher Donovan for Congress.  Donovan, Connecticut Speaker of the House, has won the Democratic Party convention endorsement for the 5th Congressional District race in Connecticut.  He is facing a three-way primary fight.  Donovan’s campaign is under investigation by the federal government.  An FBI sting operation alleges that Donovan’s campaign finance manager accepted donations in return for Donovan influencing Connecticut’s legislative agenda, regarding roll-you-own-tobacco shops.  Donovan claims he had no knowledge of what was happening.  His campaign finance manager has since resigned.

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Donovan won’t quit race

CT Speaker of the House Christopher Donovan, taking a defiant stance, said he would not quit

Donovan and President Obama

the 5th district congressional race, despite allegations his campaign finance manager accepted campaign contributions from FBI undercover agents in return for influence peddling at the state capital.  In his first public comments, since the scandal broke last week, Donovan also said he would not step down as Connecticut Speaker of the House.

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Donovan under fire; what did he know?

CT Speaker of the House Christopher Donovan’s congressional campaign is teetering and what he did and did not know could determine whether his career in politics survives.  At issue is the arrest of his congressional campaign finance director Robert Braddock Jr.  Caught up in an FBI sting, Braddock is accused of accepting donations for Donovan’s campaign in the CT 5th congressional district in return for legislative favors in the CT General Assembly, involving tobacco.  Donovan, the Democratic Party convention endorsed candidate in the 5th district denies any knowledge of the campaign funding fiasco.

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