What Liberalism Has Wrought. Connecticut Cities In An Uproar. State About To Go Broke!

New Britain

Nine days after the election, when Connecticut decided to keep the liberal Democrats in power, the wheels are coming off the proverbial cart.  Perhaps someday, voters will wake up.

Bridgeport In An Uproar

Years of Democratic party rule in Bridgeport has led to a high crime rate.  It has gotten so bad, one of the most liberal senators in the Connecticut Senate, now Mayor of Bridgeport, Bill Finch, had to impose a youth curfew.  It has led to a community uproar, with residents meeting Wednesday night with the American Civil Liberties Union.   They say the Park City is like a prison, with cameras and curfews.  Parents are upset their kids have to be off the street at a certain time.

New Britain Landlords Protest

In New Britain, landlords by the busloads protested Wednesday night, over a city-instituted fee.  To help cover the Hardware City’s $4 million deficit, the new Democratic Mayor Tim O’Brien and the Common Council imposed a $150 per apartment annual fee on landlords.  That could result in some apartment complex owners paying $30G’s a year.  Of course, landlords will pass the cost along to renters, who will end up footing a good portion of the bill.   But then what did people expect, when they elected one of the General Assembly’s most liberal representatives as mayor, with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy gleefully campaigning by his side?

Hartford Registrar Slams Voters

Then there is the case of Hartford, dominated by Democrats.  On Election Day, it was chaos at the polls, as people waited in long lines, hundreds not registered to vote. Throw in same-day voter registration, pushed by the Democrats, and you had the recipe for disaster, which just what happened.   It led the website CTNewsJunkie to write “staff at the Registrar of Voters office at Hartford City Hall, attribute long Election Day lines to uninformed voters.”

That’s obvious, as the same people get re-elected.

Connecticut Facing $1 Billion-plus Hole

Liberals, of course, call the shots on the state level.   Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and his cohorts, who blamed the Republicans for the state’s fiscal mess when he took office – even though Democrats have dominated the General Assembly for over 30 years – promised to fix the mess.  His solution?  Increase spending and impose on the people of Connecticut the largest tax hike in state history.  It was supposed to correct the state’s budget problems.  Well, last year, the first year of the two-year budget, Connecticut ended the fiscal year in the red and Malloy had to utilize every gimmick to balance the budget.  Now there are projections, year two is barreling toward a $1 billion plus deficit.

Malloy, of course, is claiming support by the electorate with the Election results.  Perhaps he should.  This is what you get with that “uninformed voter;” a state and its cities driving over the cliff.   I am sure it’s all Jodi Rell’s and George Bush’s fault.New Britain



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Malloy the socialist touts paid sick leave

What if a Republican governor from Connecticut traveled to Washington, DC and spoke to a conservative think tank, say the Heritage Foundation?  Can you imagine the media outcry?

Well, there’s nary a word from the mainstream media, as Governor Dannel Malloy-D/WFP, heads to DC on Friday to serve at a panel discussion hosted by the Center for American Progress.  According to highly paid taxpayer-supported Malloy spokesman, the Governor will speak about “the growing momentum for paid sick leave laws.”    You may recall, Connecticut became the first state in the union to mandate the most anti-business of measures, paid-sick leave, last spring.  It was Gov. Malloy’s gift to the Working Families Party, in return for their cross-endorsement in last fall’s elections.

Here’s what you need to know about the Center for American Progress:

-Its website lists its mission as “dedicated to improving the lives of Americans through progressive ideas and action.”   Progressive is a substitute word for liberal, socialist or leftist.

-Its President and CEO, John Podesta, was chief of staff under President Bill Clinton and had “major influence in the formation of the Obama Administration.”

-The center counts among its Senior Fellows former Sen. Tom Daschle.

-The center publishes the daily global warming blog, Climate Progress.

-The center helped the late Congressman John Murtha D-PA put together his attack against the Iraq War.

-The center was featured prominently on the now defunct leftist network Air America Radio.

-The center predicted a $100B federal investment in green jobs would create 2 million new jobs in the U.S. in 2009 and 2010.

-On its website http://www.americanprogess.org, it features “The Legitimate Gripes Of the Other 99 percenters,” “Making the Court a Priority for Progressives,” “The Jobs Case For Conservation,” “Occupying Wall Street Together” and other leftist causes.

That’s where the Connecticut governor will be spending his Friday morning, while he touts paid sick leave.  And in what can be expected to be his usual windy discourse, Dannel 88, I’m guessing,  won’t be mentioning Michael Saltsman’s Wall St. Journal column. Saltman wrote “Nearly 30% of its lowest-wage earners reported reduced hours or layoffs after San Francisco passed a paid-leave ordinance.”   No, Dannel 88 will be basking in the glow of a failed philosophy that has placed his state and a nation in peril.

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